Learning Solutions Designed

to Delight!

Enspire creates simulations, games and interactive learning experiences that
educate, delight, and change learner behavior.

How do you make a game in which the primary goal is simply to uncover content while, at the same time, respecting the integrity of game play?


Kepner-Tregoe chose Enspire to improve training materials for its flagship Problem Solving and Decision Making process. See why we were Brandon Hall Best Learning Team award winners.

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Our Team, Our Services

Who We Are

  • A trusted partner for high-stakes learning programs
  • Friendly, experienced learning industry pros with a knack for creativity and the ability to produce.
  • A community diverse in thought, backgrounds, and experiences
  • A full-service learning design studio that understands how to weave technology (from presentation to data tiers), media, instructional design, and writing into effective, award-winning learning.

Who We Are Not

  • A “click-next” courseware factory down the road in Dullsville.
  • Forty people who all got into the elearning business after we bought copies of Articulate last week
  • Instructors reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s teacher
  • Rigid designers that prescribe the same solution for every learning challenge

Some of our Work