Organizational Learning

Enspire helped Cisco drive a global, company-wide learning initiative.

Cisco instituted a new global initiative called Cisco Organizational Learning (COL), which was created to eliminate the “diving catch” response to issues in the company. This type of reaction may fix the issue in the short term, but without capturing and sharing the lessons learned, others could end up repeating the same mistakes. Cisco needed a motivational solution for employees to get involved and endorse the “Learn, Improve, Share” model as a more sustainable and organized alternative.

Cisco partnered with Enspire to design and develop an online training course in the style of a graphic novel with interactive elements used throughout. The narrative follows fictional Cisco employees as they investigate the cause of outages of a fictional piece of equipment called the LightSabre 1550 while also managing a client’s frustrations. The course allows learners to resolve the situation in two different modes, “diving catch” and COL, and see the results of using these approaches. The COL mode results in satisfied clients and a product that has earned recognition as a market leader, while “diving catch” leaves the company open to making the same mistakes again.

After completing the course, learners were able to define the concept of Organizational Learning, repeat the COL framework of “Learn, Improve, Share,” and list specific actions that can be taken immediately to promote Organizational Learning at Cisco. Using Cisco’s internal ranking system, the customer satisfaction for the course was rated 4.39 out of 5. To date, 1100 people have taken the course and at least half of Cisco’s employees will take this course over the next three years. This course won the 2012 Gold Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Award for Excellence in Content and the 2011 Bronze Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award for Best Custom Content


Industry: Manufacturing
Solution: Online Training
Services: Instructional Design
Experience Design
Rich-Media Development
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