Developing High Potential Managers

Executive Challenge reinforces personal leadership styles and cross-functional collaboration.

Medtronic used Executive Challenge in its Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) for rising stars within the company. The program is designed to help managers understand Medtronic’s core businesses and key business processes, create and foster strong cross-business and cross-geography networks, and work as a team to make decisions. Executive Challenge supports the Medtronic core values of customer focus, candor, trust and respect, courage, accountability, and passion to win.

Through Executive Challenge, participants identify individual leadership and management styles, balance personal and organizational objectives, build effective teams, solve complex business problems collaboratively, define a clear strategic vision, and implement the vision in the face of adverse events. Enspire worked with Medtronic to create debriefs targeted toward effective team leadership. Topics include awareness of individuals’ strengths in team settings, influence of individual leadership styles on team dynamics, and awareness of contribution and role within cross-functional teams.

Medtronic first incorporated Executive Challenge into the ELP in 2010, and it continues to be run twice annually. When surveyed, nearly all participants responded that they received significant value from participating in Executive Challenge, and that the experience increased their ability to work more effectively as part of an organization and team.


Industry: Manufacturing
Solution: Executive Challenge
Services: Program Design and Delivery
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