Sales Training

Enspire designed and developed a product training course about AMD’s new accelerated processor units.

AMD Sales Enablement had a critical self-discovery. AMD’s presentation-based training sessions for retail and other sales associates were not getting the job done. The sessions were static, linear, and too long in duration, with presentation decks extending to 120 slides or more. This application of a “one-to-many,” non-interactive training approach led to low engagement among learners, low completion rates, and low percentages of adoption across AMD’s global regions.

As a result of this realization, AMD invested in the high-impact learning course developed by Enspire. The New AMD Accelerated Processing Unit course was designed to teach Sales Account Managers to promote the new AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) to Retail Sales Associates. The course allows learners to explore how the AMD APU can make a PC smaller, smarter, faster, and sharper. The goal was to provide the Sales Account Managers with the tools they needed to market APUs effectively, and in turn grow loyalty among the customer base and increase revenue through increased sales.

Industry: Technology
Solution: Online Training
Services: Instructional Design
Experience Design
Rich-Media Development
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