Business Acumen for Sales Managers

Business Challenge drives business insights around the fundamentals of finance.

Accenture, MTP plc, and Enspire joined forces to design a simulation-based business acumen training program for Unilever and to deliver that program virtually to a global sales audience who need to understand how pricing, marketing, and product launch decisions affect financial performance.

Unilever turned to Accenture to find vendors capable of designing a business acumen training program that could be delivered entirely virtually, without compromising effectiveness and engagement. Accenture identified Enspire and Business Challenge, which was designed with virtual delivery in mind. The competitive business simulation is a web application that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Skilled facilitators help participants draw insights from their simulation decisions, to relate those insights to Unilever’s business context, and to drive conversations on how to apply them in their jobs. Accenture engaged MTP plc to facilitate the experience. The resulting program mixed 16 rounds of simulation competition with interactive sessions and discussions. It was delivered over four consecutive days for four hours each day. This design allowed participants to continue to sell and conduct business, a critical feature for busy sales managers.

The program has been delivered to Unilever audiences across Europe, the Americas, and Asia since 2010. Unilever has begun rolling out similar programs outside the sales function, further testifying to the business value Unilever has recognized through the program.


Industry: Manufacturing
Solution: Business Challenge
Services: Program Design and Delivery
Event Coordination
Technical Support
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