Consulting with TJJD


Training Specialists from the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) invited Enspire’s Creative Director, Jan Farquhar, to share best practices for designing meaningful training with participants of the 2015 Training Coordinators’ Conference, a two-and-a-half-day conference 6/15-6/17 in Austin, Texas.

Conference participants, who are responsible for training probation officers in communities across the state, have, historically, primarily used lecture-based presentations. However, with employees increasingly expecting more variety in their training (including online and mobile learning opportunities), TJJD turned to Enspire to provide information and inspiration for designing creative, effective training.

Working from the core believe that to be effective, trainers must create relevancy, maintain attention, and enable processing, Jan presented demonstrations and led discussions about four key strategies that help trainers meet those goals:

  • Collaboration
  • Stories and scenario-based learning
  • Games and gamification
  • Self reflection

Additionally, Jan incorporated each strategy into the workshop, subtly role-modeling the tactics she was promoting. For example, “benefits of collaboration” was reinforced as learners worked together to answer questions. “Self reflection” was reinforced by asking learners periodically to jot down notes as to how they might apply each strategy in the field. Therefore, in addition to seeing demonstrations and discussing meaningful learning experiences, learners actually experienced each of the strategies first hand.