Enspire Honored for Outstanding Community Involvement

Last Thursday, the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas celebrated Texas Independence Day by recognizing member companies with outstanding community involvement programs. EF invited members to the Capital Factory’s beautiful space at the top of the Omni downtown for the celebration. Joshua Baer was presented the Community Leader of the Year Award for his contributions to Austin’s entrepreneurial eco system. When accepting his award, Baer remarked that different cities have different goals, such as the goal for denizens of New York City is to be rich, the goal for Washington D.C. is to be an insider, for Los Angeles, it’s to be famous. The goal for Austinites, as Baer so succinctly put it, is to “be yourself.”

Enspire is proud to be a part of Austin’s vibrant entrepreneurial community, a community that supports and encourages people to go forth and “be themselves.” Congratulations to our Enspirees, whose service hours and contributions to the Austin community earned us this distinction!