Enspire Wins Silver


Enspire is pleased to announce that the joint Enspire / MasterCard team have won a Silver Brandon Hall award in the 2014 Best Use of Mobile Learning category. MasterCard needed a compelling, mobile-enabled interactive program that transformed employees into advocates for the organization. This brand training, which serves as the first level of a three-part training initiative called EDGE (Employees Driving the Global Enterprise), delivers a wealth of information that empowers MasterCard employees to deliver the company’s value message, both face-to-face and on social media.

MasterCard EDGE is designed for all MasterCard employees – people with a wide variety of experience in different sectors of the organization. Nearly three-fourths of MasterCard’s employees were born after 1965. To address the needs of this diverse group, MasterCard and Enspire devised a goal-based learning experience. Using a  morning train commute to work as a metaphor, learners accept a series of challenges, interact with characters, and gain insights into the MasterCard brand. Deployment on tablet devices allowed the experience to make use of new HTML5 API’s  for navigation through  the experience. At the same time, jettisoning a Flash or shrinkwrapped software approach facilitated a completely custom approach, with contemporary media and technical implementation.

EDGE also won the Award of Excellence from Diversity Journal in August. (See page 36).

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