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EC_Photo_01Strengthen Your Leadership Pipeline

Executive Challenge is a laboratory for leaders to explore their organizational habits and reveal opportunities for growth. Executive Challenge encourages self-awareness and tests enterprise collaboration, operational excellence, and strategic thinking. It meets leaders where they are – whether a high-potential individual contributor or a senior-level leader – and helps them gain insights from their experience that guide their development.

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Medtronic develops its emerging leaders with Executive Challenge.

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Learning Goals

  • Define a business strategy and align tactical decisions to that strategy

  • Explore communications and decision-making processes in a siloed organization

  • Leverage the individual personalities in a diverse team

  • Adapt strategy, process, and structure to changing market conditions and outside forces

Powerful Experiential Learning

  • Competitive business simulation, featuring a dynamic marketplace, individual leadership roles on a team, and limited resources, including human capital, finances, and time

  • Flexible program design for one- to three-day programs hosted in a classroom

  • Unexpected adverse events, such as product recalls or intellectual property violations, that create high pressure situations that build ethics and communication skills

  • Final presentation to a Board of Directors, who select the winner based on financial results, strategy, sustainability, and ethics

  • Additional exercises, such as case studies, peer feedback, or mission statement creation, to meet your leadership development goals

  • Seamlessly integrates with larger leadership development initiatives

  • Certified Facilitator with extensive leadership and training experience; Facilitator certification for internal trainers is available


Focus on What Matters Most

Providing and Receiving Feedback

Executive Challenge complements 360 feedback and personality assessments to supplement individual development plans. Executive Challenge gives leaders the opportunity to participate in peer feedback councils and receive one-on-one feedback from facilitators. We incorporate adverse events that drive communication within teams by providing individual roles with incomplete or no data. Actions in these high-pressure situations give a rich base for feedback.

Discovering Leadership Styles

Executive Challenge builds self-awareness and provides insights into personal leadership styles and blind spots. When organizations need to instill a specific leadership philosophy, Executive Challenge goes beyond teaching a leadership model, and requires leaders to practice and experience the model in action. We include mission statement exercises and high-risk,change-oriented adverse events that will stress individuals’ abilities to apply the desired leadership competencies.

Translating Strategy into Results

Teams have access to the same information, cash, and human capital. They will decide how to differentiate their companies in the marketplace. Often the perceived best strategies fail because the team is overly focused on the strategy itself and does not execute or adjust the strategy to compete in a dynamic marketplace. Business acumen-focused programs require participants to closely review financial and market reports, and include adverse events with changing markets or customers.

Identifying Next Generation Leaders

Executive Challenge can be used to assess individuals’ leadership skills, business acumen, or communication skills. Enspire crafts adverse events to test the competencies the company values most in its leaders. Because an assessment program requires careful observation, Enspire recommends the client provide additional coaches for each team of participants.

Let Your Leaders Shine

Insights from Participants

“Provides a challenging experience and unique opportunity to understand different roles and responsibilities across the organization.”

– Executive Challenge participant