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This week Enspire’s Product division delivered Executive Challenge to 270 new Full-Time MBA students at the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business. Enspire has delivered the simulation – one of Enspire’s suite of Challenge business simulations – since 2007. The Executive Challenge day begins early with a fast-paced introduction to the sim, then proceeds through several quarters during which learners make critical business and organizational decisions under time pressure. Between rounds, learners are encouraged to break out and strategize their company’s actions for coming quarters.  The simulation is  part McCombs’ orientation to its top-ranked MBA program, and serves the following goals:

  • To offer a shared experience during which students can network and build relationships they can leverage in the future
  • To introduce students to important concepts which will be built upon in business school
  • To encourage the students to think about the ethical implications of business decisions
As the end of day capstone, Learner companies pitch to a panel of investors.
Enspire will also be executing Executive Challenge with their Executive MBA and Executive MBA at Mexico City students later this month. If you think ExChal might be right for your business program, contact Enspire today!