Friday Spotlight > This is OptumInsight!


OptumInsight is driven by the philosophy that information and technology are the keys to transform the healthcare industry and improve people’s lives. Over 8,000 OptumInsight employees world-wide, including doctors, nurses, biostatisticians, coders, epidemiologists, economists, engineers, and technologists are dedicated to this mission.  But with such a diverse workforce, many OptumInsight employees were unaware of all the markets the organization serves, or how it provides solutions to these various markets.

OptumInsight partnered with Enspire and our media design arm, Houndstooth, to develop This is OptumInsight! an online onboarding program that prepares and unites new employees in a common understanding of the company. Learners explore through three doorways, “Working at OptumInsight,” “Who We Serve,” and “What Is OptumInsight?” A variety of sleek, vibrant, media types provide a fun, dynamic, and compelling welcome to the company, culminating with the OptumInsight challenge. The challenge is learners’ opportunity to showcase their new understanding of all that OptumInsight is and does.

To see more, contact Enspire today for a demo of This is OptumInsight!