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Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) understands that effective communication in medical care is highly correlated with better patient adherence. According to an extensive review of literature published between 1949 and 2008, training physicians in communication skills results 1.62 times better odds of patient adherence.

With this statistic in mind, PRI partnered with Enspire and our media arm, Houndstooth, to create Tuning In: Communication Skills for Partnering with Patients. The five-hour online curriculum features virtual patient encounters derived from real medical malpractice cases, and allows physicians to explore and enhance their medical soft skills in a variety of challenging patient situations. Learners make decisions about what to do, say, and the appropriate care to provide to virtual patients. These patients provide real-time feedback to the learner’s choices. Success is measured by whether patients understood and took an active role in the course of their care, and if they received the care that was best for them.

The fun, immersive experience is facilitated by a virtual mentor who provides expert consultative feedback, enabling learners to draw valuable learning conclusions from larger patterns of behavior.

To see more, contact Enspire today for a demo of Tuning In: Communication Skills for Partnering with Patients.