Engage Generation Z


Everybody’s heard about Generation X and Generation Y. What do you know about Generation Z? As a learning designer, are you able to decrypt their motivations and how they consume information? By understanding Generation Z and how they think, we are better equipped to reach them.

Gen Z includes kids born from 1995-2010. It’s possible that their parents had 3D ultrasounds, their arrival into the world was recorded on video, and their growth was tracked on social media sites. Gen Z has grown up with information that is “chunked” via micro blogging (text messages, IMs and tweets). They’re digital natives and carry the Internet in their pockets. They live for speed, expect instant gratification, like to express their “individual cool,” and usually discover new things through friends.

Caroline Greener is an Audience Engagement Specialist who for the past 8 years has supported a range of organizations in understanding, reaching, engaging and retaining audiences. In this article from 2013, she writes about the top three attitudinal and behavioral trends to consider when designing e-Learning products for Generation Z.