Learning Mixology

Training is often a one-and-done event: attend the seminar or complete the online tutorial. But blended learning offers opportunities to extend instructional time and practice beyond the formal training event.

That’s why I like to mix it up! Combine classroom, e-learning, online social spaces, peer mentoring, team practice, and individual performance improvement. Extend the blend to provide reinforcement, coaching, and practice opportunities.

Frankly, much of the one-and-done training is ineffective in the long-term. Truly transformative learning requires personal reflection and plenty of opportunities to practice.

I use a lot of metaphors about cooking or engineering when I talk about the design of learning experiences. But since getting a SodaStream and experimenting with delicious beverage concoctions, I’m all about mixology now.

I’ve certainly perfected mixing up Ginger Ale.

As a learning mixologist, my task is to sample and perfect recipes for blending transformative learning experiences. There’s no single recipe because different blends satisfy various types of workplace learning and performance support needs. It’s about putting together — proportionately and complementary– the right mix for the training occasion.