Are Your Learning Objectives in Disguise?


Can you recognize the learning goals behind these academic masks?

By the end of this training, you will be able to…

  1. Design and don appropriate attire, as specified in Team Handbook, Section IV: Appropriate Attire, page 132, for the occasion.
  2. Approach a minimum of 20 domiciles in the vicinity of a 1-mile radius, and effectively articulate requests to residents for specific holiday-themed needs.
  3. Acquire a minimum of 2 confectionary donations per domicile within 15 seconds after requesting provisions.

Don’t cloak learning objectives in unnecessary garb. Sure, number 2 of Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction is to “inform learner of objectives,” but the purpose of doing so, even according to Gagne, is to help set the learner’s expectations. Your learners probably need the “what’s in it for me?” version.

Were you able to remove the academic masks and see these learner-centered objectives?

This training will enable you to….

  • Make and wear a fun costume.
  • Go to neighbors’ houses and yell “trick or treat!”
  • Get tons of candy!

Happy Halloween!