Real-world Management Practice
without the Real-world Consequences.

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Management Challenge gives your managers the opportunity to practice developing employees in the midst of the noise of the workplace and exposes them to pressures that they may not have seen or felt before. Management Challenge puts your managers to the test, asking them to put your management framework into action to unleash their employees to their highest point of contribution.

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Management Challenge
“We need this for all our managers.” – Participant, Fortune 500 Automotive Company

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Learning Goals:

  • Develop direct reports

  • Understand potential employees performance and motivational gaps

  • Communicate with employees through critical conversations and coaching techniques

Powerful Experiential Learning

  • Dynamic business simulation, featuring virtual employees with unique skills, motivators, preferences, and personalities

  • Technology-based program delivered as a one-day classroom experience with managers working in small teams

  • Realistic video-based workplace scenarios in which managers practice having critical development and coaching conversations

  • Facilitator-led debriefs, discussions, and exercises that allow managers to share from their own experiences

  • Seamlessly integrates with larger management development programs

  • Certified Facilitator with extensive management and training experience; Facilitator certification for internal trainers is available


Empowered Employees Stem from Exceptional Managers

Start New Managers Off Right

The demands on people managers are growing, and new managers are experiencing a higher rate of failure. No matter your management framework, Management Challenge isolates key competencies and provides a space for new managers to explore, practice, and gain experience before they make a critical mistake with one of their direct reports.


Instill Your Management Framework

Management Challenge is successfully integrated into manager onboarding programs, whether your people are new to management or simply new to management at your company. You teach them your management philosophy, model, and framework; we’ll give them the opportunity to practice and put their skills to the test in the simulation and video-based case studies.

Invest in Your Managers

When you have a fundamental shift in your company dynamics – due to an increasingly diverse workforce, mergers and acquisitions, changing organizational structure, or something else entirely – you need to develop your managers so they can develop their direct reports. Management Challenge is an effective way to practice your company’s new management philosophy or framework.


Deliver Performance and Grow Capabilities

Hear from Our Clients

“Management Challenge was a powerful experience that integrated the knowledge and skills we were emphasizing and let them see it all in the context of their jobs.”

– Mike Emery, AVP Management and Professional Development, Liberty Mutual