Ministry of Games #3: Let’s Talk Genre

Matt and Robert start their ongoing discussion of genre in this episode. As shorthand for “design choices”, the guys examine how genre allows us to group games by the characteristics they share. They also dive into the first genre of this series: action games. What lessons can designers take from the features of action favorites like Space Invaders and Street Fighter? This episode is a companion piece to “The Lexicon of Games” conference session Matt and Robert delivered at ASTD TechKnowledge 2014 and Training 2014 Conference, so if you missed them in Las Vegas and San Diego, here’s your chance to get a taste of their talk!

Show Notes:
Matt recommends this as an exemplar of the action genre; “Divekick is a fighting game, but it is played with only two buttons (not even a joystick) – it’s really stripped down and funny, but it still preserves the essence of fighting games.” Indie game available on Steam.

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