Rapid Contextual Design


I was beyond excited to receive a LinkedIn request to connect with a contextual design visionary I have long admired — the amazing Karen Holtzblatt of InContext Design. Through the years I have been fortunate enough to participate in several of her workshops and always leave with renewed excitement and reassurance about the importance of making time to implement user-centered design.

The Contextual Design methodology, developed by Karen Holtzblatt and Hugh Beyer, is a customer-centered design process which uses extensive field data as the foundation for understanding users’ needs, tasks, intents, and processes in order to design products and systems that meet both users’ and business’ needs. This methodology works. I strongly encourage you to make whatever time you can to observe your users in their work environment. Now is the time to take the i out of design!

I’m signing off to read about The Cool Project Karen and team have been working on.