Two for Tuesday: Compliance Training and Cycling Pelotons


1) Clive Shepherd tackles one of the least glamorous instructional design challenges out there: compliance training. I was happy to discover that a recent compliance training course I designed at Enspire follows many of his recommendations, including concise, printable content followed by in-depth, games-based scenarios. On a related note, Shepherd wrote in a 2011 blog post, “Provide just enough information to allow the learner to practice and no more.” I love that line — I’ve used it in numerous design documents since reading it.

2) I love riding bicycles. I bike to work every day. I used to participate in team rides of 50+ miles, and fondly remember being in the middle of pelotons with the sound of spinning gears all around me. So naturally, this blog post caught my eye. In short, organizations need to learn to collaborate, communicate, and provide encouragement as well as cyclists do.