Two for Tuesday: Nav Tours and Chunking


1) Here’s a feature that all learners skip, all designers dislike, and all project stakeholders insist on: the nav tour. We spend 30-60 seconds saying, “Here’s the help button… here’s the resources button… here’s the menu… etc.” First, let’s stop doing that. Second, think about how they do this in games and mobile apps — they provide in-app tutorials. When you first launch an app, you don’t get a prolonged tour of the interface — you start using the app. Then, the first time that the user might need to click a certain button, the app says, “Hey, it’s your first time doing this, so Imma help you out. Click this button.” That’s what we ought to do more often.

2) I won’t overburden your working memory by going on and on about this chunking post from Connie Malamed. Just know that it’s helpful information.