Two for Tuesday: Play and Training Ghettos

1) In college, I taught myself to write HTML. I started by playing around with code — I looked at other sites, viewed their code, and adapted it to my needs. Eventually, I learned and combined new skills and techniques. I didn’t read a book, attend a lecture, or watch a video. I experimented. I played around with it. And, if you really think about it, that’s how we learn most things. Anyway… this Katie Salen video reminded me of my early days with HTML, and just how important it is to play when learning.

2) Donald Taylor charts the possible ways that organizations and L&D departments might view change. If the organization adapts to change faster than the L&D department, then L&D can expect to be relegated to the “Training Ghetto.” If both the L&D department and the organization is slow to change, then everyone settles into a “Comfortable Extinction.” The goal is to rise above the horizontal line and, if possible, move into “Risky Leadership.”