Two for Tuesday: Pretesting and Game Design

1) Sharon Boller highlights a few items from recent learning research, including studies about distributed practice and practice testing. However, the bit that caught my eye was the research related to pretesting. It’s acceptable, even desirable, to quiz learners on a particular concept before they’ve formally learned anything about the concept. This jives nicely with the “try, then learn” approach I’ve mentioned in previous Two for Tuesday posts.

2) Karl Kapp points us to three videos that all instructional game designers need to watch. The first video points out the problem with a widely accepted rule for brainstorming: “Thou shalt not criticize.” Turns out, criticism, debate, and conflict are crucial for idea generation. The second video shows the day in the life of a game designer. I’d say the most important takeaway is that one must play games to design games. The last video is an hour long and — I’ll be honest — I haven’t watched it yet. Why should that prevent me from passing it on to you? It shouldn’t, right? Kapp says that it’s “a great Google Talk on the design of a game and provides insight into the thought process.”