We’ve moved!


If you could time travel back 8000 years to an Indo-European speaking village and ask somebody to tell you a joke,  you’d probably get this one: “If you don’t like the weather, stick around. It’ll change!” 

Ha ha! Humans throughout time have told that joke because weather humor is 1) unfailingly hilarious, and 2) offers up the makings of inoffensive, vanilla conversation mumble-able in elevators, office parties, village market days, or periods of awkward silence. 

Our fair city of Austin, Texas is no exception to the changing weather rule, but it offers relief for the climate-overwhelmed through a greatly simplified system. The folks who plan Austin music festivals know this, and craftily park their events on blocks of calendar time when the weather inflects from one of its two states to the other.  I diagrammed it out for easy reference:


This year’s warm autumn breezes not only tell me it’s time for the Austin City Limits music festival to spin up like a dust devil a couple of blocks away, but (talk about burying the lead) they’ve carried Enspire and Houndstooth south! After nearly 13 years in our beloved 1940’s three story walk-up a stone’s throw from the University of Texas campus and several nice phở establishments, we’ve decamped to digs a mile south and at least two generations newer. We’ll miss some things about the old space (phở joints, proximity to pub next door) more than others (see “three story walk-up”). A good deal of great work was done and wonderful times had a 1708 Guadalupe. But the best things about Enspire and Houndstooth are our clients, our projects, and our co-workers. All of those three can be found at our new address in the Crescent building:

127 E Riverside Drive
Suite 101
Austin, TX 78704

Oh! We have a rooftop deck, too – see the picture at the very top of the story. Come by and we’ll offer you a beer.