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From  our custom-developed experiences to our leadership development challenges
we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional learning programs that drive results.

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Learning Design Services

You have a specific learning need, we have a dedicated learning design team. With rich-media capabilities and years of experience, our instructional, game, and experience designers can create a personally tailored solution made just for you.

Leadership Challenge Simulations

Our flagship simulations put your people to the test. Whether you are developing leadership, business acumen, or management skills in your team, our Challenges provide a feedback-rich environment for your people to gain insights from their experiences.

We Serve a Variety of Markets


Caterpillar engaged Enspire to design and develop a 30-minute online course detailing an overview of Caterpillar’s brand identity. The experience uses motion graphics, engaging multimedia, and video interviews to educate the learner effectively on Caterpillar’s brand strategies.


CAT Brand Awareness



Cisco partnered with Enspire to design and develop an online training course in the style of a graphic novel with interactive elements used throughout. The narrative follows fictional Cisco employees as they investigate the cause of outages of a fictional piece of equipment while also managing a client’s frustrations.


Organizational Learning


A Partner in Your Success

We Are Here For You

We are the bright spot in the darkness. It can be frustrating, trying to find a partner who gets it. You need assurance that you have prepared your team for the challenges they will face on the job. You need to know that when the pressure is on, your people will make the right choices. We create spaces for people to test what they have been taught, with all of the pressures of the real world, but without the consequences. We are here, ready to listen.

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The Right Team

You can rest easy knowing that our client experience team is on your side. With our veteran instructional designers, you can expect that your content and objectives will be faithfully and creatively translated into an incredible experience for your learners. Our high-quality media capabilities and dedicated product integrity team ensures that all our work looks beautiful and runs beautifully. All on a solid foundation of technology you can believe in.

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Learners Love Us

“The online multiplayer simulation creates a very fun and competitive atmosphere. You will find out very quickly that you need a solid strategy to compete in current and future markets to succeed. I would highly recommend this product.”

– Nick Heikkinen, GE Aviation