2 Types of Knowledge Investment

15 Dec
knowledge investment

Advice from a guy who died over 230 years ago, is as relevant for your career now as it’s ever been. Ben Franklin has been rumored to have said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” But what type of investment should you make? What investment pays the highest interest? Two types of knowledge investment come to mind.

One knowledge investment is to hone your skills on the newest advancements within your industry through targeted instruction in the form of well-designed courses. Learning about the right application of microlearning or the proper use of game elements for learning is incredibly important and can be learned effectively and efficiently through a structured approach. Having easy access to rich, well-designed content in these areas and others can be critically important for major initiatives and undertakings within your organization. This curated, designed and effectively delivered approach is like going back to college to learn core ideas and concepts that are being implemented within organizations today.

But another type of investment you should make is the active exchange of ideas, concepts and techniques with peers who are going through the same experiences as you are. Having a peer network where you can freely exchange ideas, explore concepts together and discuss different approaches is just as important.

As a learning and development professional, you want to combine both approaches to learning so you can be as well rounded as possible. One place to get both is through the Learning & Development Mentor Academy. A membership provides you with both access to formal, on-demand courses and access to a peer network with a policy of open and honest exchanges about what works in L&D and what doesn’t. We invite you to join today.

Craig Dadoly