A Better Way to Approach Innovation and Technology

10 Dec
better way to approach innovation and technology

As a Learning & Development professional, the last thing you should do is pay attention to the latest technological breakthrough. Don’t do it. It’s smoke and mirrors.  According to Dr Karl Kapp, there is a far better way to approach innovation and technology if you know where to look.

Too often we focus on the technology, “hey the future is AI or VR is the way to go, it’s the future of training.” To me that’s the wrong view of technology and training. Instead you need to think to yourself, what does the technology enable, what problem is the technology going to solve. Then look for the solutions, not the technology.

Let me give you an example, AI or artificial intelligence does nothing by itself, but when you connect AI with spaced practice and spaced retrieval and critical content then you can create a “coach in your pocket” or an on-demand mentor on your smartphone. For example, to help people to become better presenters Presentr has created an app, powered by AI that measures your rate of presentation, use of filler words like “um” and “ah” and volume and then gives you specific feedback on your unique presentation style and provides instruction and exercises to become better.

There is a similar app for coaching managers called Coach Amanda by Leadx that combines behavioral science, artificial intelligence, and expert content to improve leadership behaviors, employee engagement, and productivity.

The managers or people who are learning to be better presenters don’t care about the AI, the behavioral science or the spaced practice, what they care about are the results. So, when you think about the newest innovation in L&D think about solutions and not technology, technology is necessary but is not sufficient. Don’t look for AI as an answer, instead, look for coaching solutions.

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Craig Dadoly