Behind the Scenes: Child Advocacy Volunteer Learning Experience

14 Aug

Preparing volunteers to advocate for the best interests of children, and to perform their role with confidence and a deeper understanding of the many complex issues facing children and their families is important work. Enspire Learning has the privilege of partnering with a non-profit client to adapt two classroom sessions to online training to make them more accessible. Currently in production, the story-driven online learning experience must facilitate participants in reaching the same learning outcomes as the in-class sessions. 

For this project, Enspire’s challenges as learning experience designers are to: 

  • Adapt a curriculum designed for in-person group training (with small and large group activities and discussions) to an equally effective online individual learning experience
  • Link disparate forms of content (existing video, activities, and readings) into a coherent whole for a dynamic and smooth learner experience
  • Ensure training includes emphasis on cultural awareness and respect, and Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) throughout

Some behind the scenes photos from our recent video shoot: 

Stay tuned, more to come!

Craig Dadoly

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