Caterpillar: CAT Brand Course


Brand Training for a Global Workforce

Brand awareness training for all Caterpillar employees helping them understand  how their daily actions contribute to the overall brand experience.


Caterpillar partnered with Enspire to create an online learning experience that illustrated each employees’ role in delivering the CAT brand experience. Enspire’s team worked closely with Caterpillar Global Brand Marketing to ensure that the learning experience never strayed from the company’s style or language and remained focused on key take-aways identified during instructional design.

The Challenge

Caterpillar’s Global Brand Marketing Team conducted a needs analysis that surveyed various functional areas across the company on common needs associated with Caterpillar’s flagship brand, the Cat brand. Five focus areas were identified. In addition, one of the key objectives was to educate those outside the marketing space about the importance of good brand management and allow them to see how they impact the Cat brand. Caterpillar needed a training solution for all 125,000+ worldwide Caterpillar employees as well as Cat dealers.

The Solution

Enspire delivered an interactive, animated, digital magazine- layout digital learning experience. Learners visit any section of the course in any order, and information is presented in a logical, engaging way. After learners complete a quiz, personalized recommendations for further learning are made based on the learner’s performance.

This training was designed based on an in-depth design workshop on the needs and challenges to be addressed and the key points to be presented:

  • Defining “brand”
  • Demonstrating an appreciation for the importance of a brand management strategy
  • Relating Caterpillar’s brand management strategy to its business success
  • Explaining how consistency, discipline, and an enterprise focus strengthen Caterpillar and its brands
  • Differentiating between Cat and Caterpillar
  • Explaining how the learner can impact the brand
  • Identifying common brand usage infringements
  • Recalling where to go for brand questions and assistance

The course was eventually translated to Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Tamil.

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