Prudential: Safety Gamified Learning


Safety and Security Awareness Training

Prudential’s Risk Management group worked with Enspire to create scenarios to train employees on important workplace safety topics.


Prudential partnered with Enspire to develop Safety and Security Awareness, an interactive learning experience that provides general safety training to its employees on a variety of topics. The program casts learners into unsafe situations in a simulated workplace and assesses their actions. Interactive elements and time limits move the simulation forward and keep learners engaged.

The Challenge

Prudential needed to improve employee understanding of safety issues and policies in key areas: fire safety, workplace security, extreme violence (e.g., active shooter), and workplace bullying. They wanted to address these important and often-emotional issues in an engaging, non-threatening, and non-traditional way.

The Solution

Enspire proposed “Safety and Security Awareness” a game-based approach which askes Prudential staff to respond to safety challenges in the office as they would in real life: under time pressure and with no upfront preparation. Badges, a timer, and meaningful feedback keep interest high and learners moving forward through the simulated scenario. The unsafe circumstances increase as learners navigate through a succession of challenges. Learners are given the opportunity to choose a different action if their initial choice is incorrect. Making safe decisions and navigating through the game in the shortest and safest “solution path” earns players a gold safety badge.

Safety and Security Awareness: achieved Prudential’s goal (and a Brandon Hall™ award for Best Custom Content).

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