Texas CASA: Rich Media Course

Texas CASA

Collaborative Family Engagement Course

Innovative course to prepare children’s advocacy volunteers in the Texas CASA system to implement a new process when serving families


Texas CASA partnered with Enspire to create a Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) e-learning experience to implement a new process for serving families.  This modern and unique learning experience improves introduces a new method of finding safe and trusted adults for children who enter care and collaborate between agencies.

The Challenge

Texas CASA needed a new and engaging learning experience to launch the new Collaborative Family Engagement program. The training needed to be self-directed, interactive, and media intensive. Learners needed to be able to access and digest information in short, easily-absorb lessons that could be taken individually, or collectively, based on the learner’s schedule. Texas CASA wanted to include clickable menus, drag-and-drop interaction, and checks on learning to both foster understanding and enable self-checking of concept understanding.

The Solution

Enspire created a new nine-lesson self-directed, scenario-driven e-learning course with motivational strategies, interactive elements, click-to-reveal activities, multi-media segments and multiple choice/multiple response checks on learning. The course uses a recently-released CASA short film, interweaving the film narrative and the eLearning narrative together through the training for emotional impact and learning efficacy.

Each lesson builds upon the others, using the CASA short-film’s representative child “Emily” and her story to both show the importance and need of the program concepts, and the impact they have on children in the Texas CASA system as they transition from crisis to hope. The training places the learner in a decision-make position, playing the role of one of the people on Emily’s team. Short expert-speaker videos accompany each lesson.

The resulting learning environment is easy to use and engaging. Users completing the course report feeling more confident in their ability to begin Collaborative Family Engagement work. Texas CASA stated that Enspire exceeded expectations, met their aggressive timelines, and created a learning environment that conveyed a vast amount of content in an easy to digest format. The only surprise: “How awesome it all is.” In fact, other local programs have expressed interest in creating similar learning experiences for their programs.

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