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Children's Advocacy Volunteer Learning Portal

Streamlined, easy-to-navigate online learning center that integrates with the Absorb LMS and existing WordPress resources


Texas CASA partnered with Enspire to redesign their online learning center for a more intuitive user experience that integrated with their Absorb LMS, existing documents, PDFs, and WordPress pages, plus, a database in the Texas CASA Learning Center website. The learning center was redesigned as a single, integrated, and searchable web interface that pulled material and resources from both the LMS and the Word Press website. 

The Challenge

Texas CASA’s existing learning resource was disjointed and frustrating. There was no intuitive, comprehensive search function that allowed users to easily find content housed in multiple locations. Data from user/learner interaction with courses and resources was captured in multiple systems. Texas CASA turned to Enspire to redesign their web site structure as an integrated online hub that pulled material and resources from multiple locations into a single intuitive, searchable resource.

The Solution

Enspire created a visually appealing, easy to navigate, intuitive, searchable portal system layer that integrated with the Absorb LMS and the Texas CASA WordPress site. The Learning Center portal was designed to display course content and resources in an easy to find, card-style design.

To address the challenges that users faced to find content and resources, Enspire designed several key functions that integrated with all content and resources:

  • Rapid natural language search
  • Filtering by type, audience, and topic
  • Most popular and recently visited tabs

The system was also designed to allow Texas CASA to easily manage and update content and resources.

View the Texas CASA Learning Center portal layer.

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