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OnRamp Statistics

Digital tools and instructional media to hone mathematical skills


Working with faculty from the University of Texas at Austin, Enspire created a series of digital tools and instructional media designed to help students hone mathematical skills through informal game play which used statistical methods and lab exercises that engage students in hands-on analysis of data.

The Challenge

Data analysis and statistical methods are challenging mathematical subjects. Mastery requires embracing a particular framework for thinking about the world, as well as developing a sizable set of conceptual and problem-solving competencies.  Enspire was asked to develop an engaging method to help students gain these skills without requiring them to spend time mastering the learning environment.

The Solution

Enspire used a software standard called Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) to provide interoperability between the digital tools and the student tracking-and-reporting features required by the University for dual-credit courses. LTI allows external service tools to connect in a standard way across a learning management system (LMS). If the University changes the LMS, the digital tools work seamlessly in the new system.

The resulting dual-enrollment course provides hand-on learning using mini games, custom digital-manipulatives, mini videos, and other learning tools; giving students required essential data-analysis concepts and skills.

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