Workday: Decision-Making Board Game


Business Decision-Making Simulation Board Game

Tabletop business simulation to engage, connect and educate director level employees


Workday partnered with Enspire to design a safe and collaborative learning environment that allows leaders to experience the impacts and consequences of their decisions. The result was an immersive, thought-provoking and instructional business-decision-making board game, which challenges organizational leaders making critical decisions. The game leverages a cloud-based dashboard and live scoreboard reflecting the positive, negative, or neutral outcome of key business decisions.

The Challenge

Business leaders make difficult decisions on a daily basis—decisions that often impact the entire organization and often have intended, as well as unintended, consequences. Workday wanted leaders to experience and evaluate the effects and consequences of their decisions in a safe, collaborative, and engaging simulated environment.

The Solution

Enspire designed a decision-making board game that is immersive, thought-provoking, and instructional; designed to challenge organizational leaders to make better critical decisions. The tabletop simulation is based on the difficult and often ambiguous decisions business leaders need to make on a daily basis. During gameplay, leaders get immediate feedback on the consequences and impact their decisions have on the organization.

The simulation provides context through realistic scenarios which business leaders attempt to address with various solutions. The game leverages a cloud-based dashboard that can be customized to include categories or business areas specific to any organization. The dashboard is the centerpiece of the game and provides a real-time scoreboard reflecting the positive, negative or neutral outcome of key business decisions.

The game is designed to help new and experienced leaders think about their businesses on an enterprise level and make decisions with a more global view, while considering both the short-term and long-term implications of their decisions.

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