Workplace Threat Awareness

Prudential Financial

The Workplace Threat Challenge: Recognizing the Pathway to Violence

Interactive graphic novel story allows learners to enter a virtual work environment and accept the challenge of becoming a “preventer.”


Committed to maintaining a violence-free work environment. The global security team partnered with Enspire to develop an innovative learning experience to prepare and motivate employees to recognize and report behaviors of concern observed in the workplace. 

This award-winning custom learning solution was recognized by Chief Security Officer magazine as a 2020 CSO50 award winner in the Security Awareness and Training category!

The Challenge

Prudential Financial needed to ensure that all employees were trained to respond appropriately to violence or threats of violence to maintain a safe and professional workplace. Past compliance training included use of video and still photography to present “a day in the life” of an employee. The Global Security team was seeking a fresh, creative, more engaging approach to capture learners’ attention and maintain interest during training on this important topic. Furthermore, the training needed to be inclusive in terms of context and characters to target a diverse population.

The Solution

Enspire created an interactive story that includes game-like features in which players enter a virtual work environment and accept the challenge of becoming a “preventer.” In a graphic-novel style environment with realistic graphics, players make choices and experience the outcomes of their decisions. 

Working through three unique game levels, players discover the signs to watch for and report, to help prevent workforce violence.

Learning Objectives

Terminal objective:
Be empowered to recognize and report inappropriate conduct or other behaviors of concern observed in the workplace.

Supporting objectives:

  • Recognize the relevance and importance of preventing workplace violent events.
  • Identify client’s Workplace Violence Prevention policy including the range of conduct and behaviors addressed in the policy
  • Recognize the client’s Workplace Threat Management Program, the team that is ready to respond to these observations and reports
  • Understand that each employee has a role in preventing workplace violence
  • Understand that every violent event is typically preceded by a certain type of behavior that can be observable
  • Increase personal awareness of warning signs, such as behavioral red flags, that can precede a violent event
  • Take steps to identify and report behaviors of concern appropriately

Instructional Strategies

  • Capture learner attention and maintain interest by blending story, graphic novel story with an interactive game
  • Use informational and emotional tactics to educate and motivate learners to recognize and report behaviors of concern observed in the workplace
  • Heighten the meaningfulness by relating safety and security to the individual’s personal life, as well as to the workplace

Game Elements 

  • Mission/challenge/quest
  • Avatar selection
  • Players make choices through actions or branching conversation trees that impact the story

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