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27 Oct

Games vs Simulations

The terms “games” and “simulations” are often confused. Though they do have several similarities, they are not the same thing. Simulations: A realistic and controlled environment, where learners can practice specific behaviors and experience the impacts of their decisions in a safe environment. Games: An abstraction of reality that contains

28 Jul

Using Virtual Reality to “Teach” Empathy, Retain Learning Experiences

A new Stanford Study shows that virtual reality can make people more empathetic. Learners who underwent a short virtual reality (VR) experience, “Becoming Homeless,” became more empathetic toward the homeless to the point of taking action on their behalf. VR proved more effective in changing pro-social behaviors than reading or

13 Aug

Threat Awareness: Maintaining A Violence-Free Workplace

Maintaining a violence-free work environment is a top priority for all companies. The global security team of one of our clients wanted to empower their employees to recognize and report inappropriate conduct or other behaviors of concern observed in the workplace. They asked Enspire Learning to create an innovative, engaging,