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10 Nov

You Won’t Believe Why “This One Trick” Really Works in E-learning!!

Are you using “clickbait” in your corporate learning experiences? This one weird trick actually works! Information Gap Theory was written about in 1994, but social media has taken it to new prominence. It’s so effective that instructional designers are using the theory in modern eLearning, but with this unique twist–the payoff is usable, valuable, and important to the learner.

04 Jan

Knowledge Flows and Collaborative Learning

In Thomas Friedman‘s latest book Thank You For Being Late, he talks about “the Big Shift,” a phrase coined by John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison (Abandon Stocks, Embrace Flows, Harvard Business Review, January 27, 2009). What is the big shift? Previously, if you (country/company/individual) knew something