Creating Engaging Virtual Training

Enspire Presents

Creating Engaging Virtual Training

by Dr Karl Kapp

Now more than ever, it is important to engage learners in online virtual environments. However, at this point many learners are distracted, bored and tired of sitting in front of a computer and passively listening. Designing effective instruction requires knowledge, careful choreography of instructional elements and some special tricks and techniques.

Creating Engaging Virtual Training is part of a series of courses taught by Karl M. Kapp, professor of instructional technology at Bloomsburg University and a respected professional within the field. Karl has won numerous awards, written over half-a-dozen books, consulted worldwide with Fortune 100 companies, teaches graduate level courses at the university level and, most importantly, knows what it takes to create impactful instruction that makes a difference.

In this online, self-paced course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create engaging instruction
  • Develop a stage presence which holds the learner’s attention
  • Weave stories, interaction and activity into instruction
  • Gain and maintain learner’s attention.

Throughout the self-paced, online instruction, you will learn to conduct activities ranging from having learners construct their own models to helping them share ideas through breakout rooms and whiteboard exercises and even interactive stories.

The course is a combination of live action recordings of the instructor providing you step-by-step information for creating the ideas and short, quick animations helping to make the point and keeping the content interesting and engaging. As well as a workbook that is designed to be completed as you progress through the course.

It’s as if the instructor is there sitting beside you offering advice, examples and techniques. After taking this course, you will have the design skills and techniques you need to create interactive, engaging instruction that will help learners to learn critical  important information to do their jobs and help with organizational performance.

NOTE: This course is NOT a tool course, you will learn design techniques and NOT how to use
the software.

Karl shares his knowledge in a one-on-one setting. It’s as if you are in his office having a conversation. The intimate approach, in depth look at the topics and workshop-style courses make the consortium a valuable tool in your efforts to upskill your L&D team and keep them ahead of the learning curve. So, they can, in turn, improve instruction within your organization.

Course Outline

Note (V) indicates video, (Q) indicates quiz or activity. Course is accompanied by a workbook designed to be used in conjunction with the online instruction and activities.


  • Welcome to the Online Workshop
  • Introduction to the Online Workshop (V)
  • About Your Workshop Workbook

Goals for the Workshop

  • Worship Goals
  • Personal Learning Objective
  • Your Workshop Subject/Topic

Designing an Online Lesson

  • Focus on Action (V)
  • Maintaining a Curve of Interest (V)
  • Creating a Lesson Roadmap (V)
  • Framing the Active Learning (V)

Active Learning Techniques

  • Think-Pair-Share (V)
  • Order Out of Chaos (V)
  • Construct (V)
  • Deconstruct (V)
  • Bubble Up (V)
  • Sequence Squares (V)
  • Card Sort (V)
  • What are You Saying? (V)
  • Interactive Storytelling (V)
  • Knowledge Check (Q)

Whiteboard Activities

  • Earthquake 2.0 (V)
  • Dot Voting (V)
  • Drawing Out It Out (V)
  • Concept Map Exercise (V)
  • Knowledge Check (Q)

Creating an Engaging Online Presence

  • Lights, Camera, Audio (V)
  • Creating Your Stage Presence (V)
  • Bonus PowerPoint Tip (V)
  • Knowledge Check (Q)

Preparing Learners to be Engaged

  • Encourage Learners through Workbook Note Taking (V)
  • Encourage Learners to Take “Job Notes” (V)
  • Knowledge Check (Q)

Next Steps

Course Cost

Single user license: $1500

Five user license: $5000

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