Digital Games for Virtual Meetings and Classrooms

Digital Games for Virtual Meetings are a series of games designed to facilitate virtual meeting engagement

Digital Games for Virtual Meetings and Classrooms

What we’re hearing . . . “Participants are not engaging virtually like they do in person.

What we’re building . . . A cloud based platform to deliver digital games for virtual meetings and classrooms.

Digital Games for Virtual Meetings are a series of games designed to facilitate virtual meeting engagement. How? Brief, engaging, face-to-face interactive learning games are delivered in virtual webinar and classroom environments, transforming physical learning interactions into virtual learning interactions.

The games are based on successful, engaging face-to-face classroom game experiences created by Karl Kapp, expert on the convergence of games, learning, and technology.

The Participant Experience

  • Engages participation immediately, as participants focus on the game experience
  • Elegant animations (such as flipping cards), creates a more realistic experience
  • Leaderboard with real time scoring fosters a competitive atmosphere
  • Participants launch the browser-based games via a URL

Basic Administrative Platform Components

  • Create games and customize game elements with images and text
  • Group players and password protect game play
  • Copy games to create more and different versions
  • See game results including length of games played, individual and teams scores

Initial Games

Role Play/Scenario Card Game

Facilitates role play exercises. Helps develop communication and critical thinking skills. Used for sales training, team building, leadership development, customer service, contingency planning.

All players are involved in game play. A scenario is presented and one player acts out the scenario. Other players vote on the effectiveness of the acted-out scenario. If it’s good the player wins the card, if not, other players can challenge the scenario for a chance to win.

Because they can challenge each other, players listen carefully and critically analyze the other player’s words. Colleagues can give feedback in a non-threatening way.

Animated, engaging interface. Cards flip, shuffling sounds. Feels like a real card game.

Sort Card Game (in development)

Participants sort cards into different categories (features of a product, skills, or elements in a competitive market). This sorting game forces participants to make conscious decisions about information and categories. It helps individuals learn and reinforce categories and concepts and encourages discussions. It encourages discussions about what belongs in what category, and is an effective method to point out similarities and differences in features, functionality, and traits. This game has been used for leadership exercises (sorting leadership traits), sales exercises and customer service exercises to help individuals learn and reinforce categories and concepts, strengths and weaknesses.

It can be used as a discussion starter with no score, or with correct and incorrect sorting, where player or team with the most correctly sorted cards wins. 

Additional Planned Games

Find-It-Fast: Presented with a complex scene, the goal is to identify elements within it, make decisions and selections within time constraints. Great for information and cyber security.

Ice Breaker: Encourages conversation and creates connections. Provides a sense of “knowing” who else is in the virtual meeting.

Sequence: Players work together to place cards in the correct sequence. Visual reinforcement of proper sequence of a process. Checks understanding of the right steps in the right order. Points out misunderstandings in order of steps. Works for any chronological order content.

Matrix: Provides a fast-paced, focused effort and classifying features and functionalities of various products. Generates rich discussions about what feature or functionality goes in what column and row. The matrix is built by the players providing, rich recall and understanding.

Board Game: Traditional board game with two teams. Provides fast-paced method to review material covered in training. Reinforcement of key concepts. Highlights group or content area that learners are not understanding.

Early Adopters Program

  • One year of access.
  • Access to all new games released for one year from start of contract.
  • Up to 10 concurrent games.
  • Direct input into product (feedback considered for incorporation into platform)

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