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Diversity and Inclusion Requires Corporate Cultural Support

17 Sep
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We’ve been working on an exciting project for an international tech company.  They want to make the topic of Diversity and Inclusion as much of a corporate journey as a personal one.  They plan to foster understanding, empathy, and real change within their company, their employees, the communities they serve, and the firms they interact with.  

Dreaming Big

To help them accomplish this, we facilitated a workshop to determine what steps could be taken immediately, and what the long-term future of the company’s diversity and inclusion culture would be.  Amazing ideas were generated, and we’d like to share a few with you.

  • Core Training—to ensure every employee, worldwide, is aware of not just company policies on diversity and inclusion, but gets first-hand accounts of what it’s like to walk in another person’s shoes.  The learning experience is more about reaching employees on an emotional level than an intellectual one.
  • Micro-Training—once the core training is over, micro-lessons reinforce key messages.  These may be podcasts, emails, blogs, webinars, or discussion groups.  The key focus of these microlessons is to maintain the understanding and empathy generated in the core training.
  • Mentorship Programs—to provide each team member with a safe environment to ask difficult questions, share experiences, and gain insights on how to improve their own outlook and actions, and help foster improvement in others.
  • Personal Support Programs—to provide a safe place for people in similar circumstances to confront their own biases and improve their attitudes and behaviors
  • Technology—support apps, websites, interactive gaming, goal-setting program, and even behavior tracking were raised as methods for helping to support employees as they assess and improve their own diversity and inclusion outlook and actions.

The Journey Continues…

The end goal is to make improving diversity and inclusion as much of the core corporate culture as the goals of improving efficiencies, profits, market share, or customer experience.  We’ll keep you posted on the journey.

Dwight Johnson