Do I Need An L&D Mentor?

09 Dec

I’ve been in the industry for years, do I really need an L&D mentor?

A common misconception among professionals is that a mentor experience is only for newly minted professionals. According to Dr Karl Kapp nothing could be further from the truth.

A mentor is important at the beginning of your career, but as you progress throughout your career, a mentor or more specifically a mentor group becomes even more critical for two reasons.

2 Reasons You Need An L&D Mentor

Avoid A Narrow View

First, is to avoid a myopic or narrow view of your field.  As you progress in your career you may begin to think, even subconsciously, that you know everything there is about the field. But that is rarely the case, when we start our career we are often open to new and exciting ideas, we purposefully seek them out.

But, overtime, we become more comfortable on our career track, and we tend to fall back on what we already know and don’t spend as much time exploring new concepts and ideas.  The problem with that is that if all you know is one organization or one niche area, you can become hyper focused on that area and miss innovative ideas, concepts and techniques that are happening all around you. A mentor group or a mentor academy can expand your thinking and help bring new and, more importantly, productive ideas to the forefront of your thinking.

A Sounding Board

Second, often within our own organizations, we don’t have someone to act as a sounding board or, if we do, they come from the same perspective, corporate culture and viewpoint that we do. Having a group of professionals in a mentor academy situation provides a non-similar peer group providing different perspectives, techniques and approaches to issues. These new perspectives can be eye-opening and career advancing because they are not from your organization or even industry.

Start The L&D Mentor Journey

Of course, there are many other valuable reasons to join a peer mentor group, but these are two compelling reasons why you should consider joining the Learning & Development Mentor Academy where you’ll learn, laugh and make an impact. 

Craig Dadoly