Key Traits Differentiating Successful Organizations

12 Feb

A good friend from Massachusetts recently sent me a link to the following Washington Post article . . . The Patriots’ secret is focusing on the details. Every. Last. Detail. Regardless of your feelings towards the Patriots, they have proven extremely consistent and successful since 2001. The article touched on some of the success factors of the Patriots, but I believe it missed some of the other differentiators that I have seen in successful organizations in my career. The key traits that I believe differentiates successful organizations:

  • Attention to detail. The little things count. A lot.
  • Supports and promotes dynamic knowledge capture and sharing. Everyone has knowledge and experience to share.
  • Hires the right people (so important in our hyper-competitive, fast-changing, complex workplace):
    • Smart
    • Self-motivated
    • Critical thinkers
    • Problem solvers
    • Continuous, lifelong learners
    • Determined
    • Professional (takes pride in their craft)
    • Collaborative (we win as a team)
  • Brand! – Everyone buys-in and works toward the mission and objectives of the organization. If you don’t, you’re gone.
  • Promotes autonomy (within the parameters of organization’s mission and objectives).
  • Immediate, honest performance feedback.
  • Fosters calculated, bold risk-taking. (Richard Branson: R is for Risk Taking)




Craig Dadoly

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