Learning & Development Mentor Academy

Learning & Development Mentor Academy

L&D Mentor Academy logo. Educating Learning LeadersEnspire Learning is excited to partner with gamification and learning industry rockstar Karl Kapp to deliver Learning & Development Mentor Academy. The Academy is a year long mentoring, coaching and development program for Learning & Development professionals. It is designed specifically to help hone the skills needed to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

The Learning & Development Mentor Academy experience consists of on-demand courses, monthly hour-long live sessions, and access to a knowledge sharing forum. 

Professionals in the L&D industry spend a great deal of time helping others learn. But who helps them sharpen their existing skills, develop new competencies and intelligently apply what they know to the design of instruction? The answer is the Learning & Development Mentor Academy. If you’ve ever wanted to be mentored by an experienced professional while sharing ideas, concepts and concerns with peers, then the Learning & Development Mentor Academy is for you.

contact button Courses are taught by Karl M. Kapp, Ed.D. who is a respected professional within the field. Over the past 20 years, he’s won numerous awards, written over half-a-dozen books, authored online courses for LinkedIn Learning, consulted worldwide with Fortune 100 companies, and taught graduate courses at the university level. Most importantly, Karl knows what it takes to create impactful instruction that makes a difference in the performance of an organization.

Through the Academy, Karl shares his knowledge both in a one-on-one setting through the courses and in live, once-a-month discussions. It’s as if you stopped by his office to have a chat. The intimate approach, in depth look at the topics, live discussions, and workshop-style courses make the Academy a valuable tool in your efforts to upskill and stay ahead of the learning curve. So, you can, in turn, improve instruction and, ultimately, performance within your organization.

Building Over Time

The yearly subscription to the Learning & Development Mentor Academy is meant to be cumulative and build over time. Members can view any course when it suits their work schedule and workflow. Each year 4 new courses are added while existing courses remain available.

On-Demand Courses

The Learning & Development Mentor Academy has launched with four on-demand courses in the areas of performance consulting, microlearning, interactive virtual classroom instruction and using game elements for learning which members can access at any time. Each year four more self-paced, on-demand courses will be added.

Live Sessions

The monthly hour-long live sessions are designed so Academy members can chat about trends, concepts and ideas impacting L&D professionals. We’ll laugh a little, chat a little and discuss various issues impacting us.

Knowledge Sharing Forum

The Learning & Development Mentor Academy knowledge sharing forum will bring the “wisdom of the crowd” to address the challenges each of us face in our careers and as we help our organizations grow.

screen capture from course How To Become a Performance Consultant


Workshops are All Self-Paced
Learners progress as fast or slow as desired

Workshop Format with Videos 
On-line activities and workbook guide leaners through content

Monthly One-Hour Live Sessions
Every month Karl conducts a live Q &A session, offering an opportunity to interact with peers and stay up to date on latest industry trends

Knowledge Sharing Forum
Bringing the “wisdom of the crowd” to address the challenges that we face in L & D


Membership in the academy provides members with up-to-date leading information and educational offerings.

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enterprise one year subscription $15,000 for up to 5 people

COST: $15,000 – yearly subscription for up to 5 people ($1,000 for each additional member)


Individual one year subscription $3,500COST: $3,500 – yearly subscription

On-Demand Courses Only

per course one year subscription $495COST: $495 each – yearly subscription

(course only, does not include access to live sessions or knowledge sharing forum)

Your Paid Membership Includes

1. Year One On-Demand Workshops

Creating Engaging Virtual Training
Discover how to create virtual, online learning experiences for learners that will make a positive impact and lead to desired learning outcomes. Learn how to use your own style, interactive learning exercises, and unique design approaches to create instruction that makes a real difference. You’ll learn to avoid online learning fatigue and deliver impactful, engaging online learning experiences. Below is a clip from the course on the concept map process.

Example lesson:

How to Become a Performance Consultant: Consulting from the Inside
Discover what it takes to be a performance consultant. We discuss the requires skills, standard performance consulting tools and tips and techniques to make your engagements focused and effective. Learn what types of performance issues are common and how you can use non-training interventions to successfully help a company achieve its goals.

Example lesson:

Using Game Elements to Create Engaging, Impactful Instruction
Learning can be made more engaging and impactful when elements of games are incorporated into the learning process. This course discusses how you can leverage ideas, concepts and techniques from games and incorporate them into your own instruction.

Example lesson:

Making Microlearning Work in Your Organization
Microlearning can be an effective learning tool when implemented properly. Together we debunk some microlearning myths, define microlearning, discover the six types of microlearning and learn how to implement microlearning effectively.  We also discuss how create a microlearning strategy and how to decide which used cases fit your organization’s unique needs.

Example lesson:

2. Continuing Education

In addition to the on-demand workshops, each month you will have access to an exclusive 60-minute, live webinar highlighting key issues and ideas within the L&D/Talent Development industry.

This 12-part series covers the following topics, one explored each month. These events are held the third Thursday of every month from 12:00-1:00 PM and are recorded for Academy Member unlimited access.

During the monthly sessions, academy members will have the opportunity to network, interact with one another, and exchange ideas.

January: The Year Ahead in L&D
February: Games and Gamification for Learning
March: Learning Analytics, Evaluation and Data
April: Cool Tool: Exploring a Cool New L&D Tool
May: AR, VR, XR and Beyond
June: Implementing and Managing Change in L&D
July: Instructional Strategies to Make a Difference
August: Learning as a Competitive Advantage
September: Justifying and Defending L&D Costs
October: Learning Leadership
November: Recent L&D Research Results
December: Year in Review

3. Knowledge Sharing Forum

Additionally, we’ll be launching a knowledge sharing forum that will bring the “wisdom of the crowd” to address the challenges that each of us face in our careers and as we help our organizations grow.

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