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Measurement & Data Analytics

Measurement & Data Analytics

Data analytics is the science behind helping us solve client business challenges effectively and efficiently. We start the program design process with how success will be measured. We use the objectivity of data analytics combined with the expertise of our learning professionals to illuminate areas of greatest need and opportunity, helping to prioritize program and content development by potential organizational impact.

We use data analytics to tell us where we may or may not have met the development or support needs of our associates, to customize post learning event strategy and ensure remediation. Data provides insight into the most common situations workers encounter as well as those they most often struggle with, allowing us to push or surface content that is most likely to be useful to support performance at the time of need. Data analysis can measure workers access that content and in-the-workflow resources telling us what is being used, how often, and when users are unable to find content that meets their needs. This helps the program adjust the learning content and support resources to ensure effectiveness.

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