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Stop to Consider Trends, Shifts & Topics in L&D

16 Dec

When’s the last time you stopped to consider larger trends, shifts and topics in the world of Learning and Development? 

In this time of virtual training isolation and rapid scrambling to deliver quality instruction online, on time, and within budget, it’s more important than ever to connect with peers on a deeper level. To engage in rich conversations that are not related to specific work topics but to larger industry trends and ideas in general. It’s time to reproduce the after-conference bar experience where you and a stranger or mild acquaintance solve all the worlds problems related to Learning & Development over a couple of drinks.

These types of conversations don’t require a bar or alcohol but they do require a relaxed, judgment free environment where like minded people gather. If you have a colleague or a peer, then arrange an online meeting with no specific agenda, but a directive to discuss certain “big issues” in your field. Trends in Learning & Development, changing learner expectations, the movement away from human interactions toward analytical driven outcomes. While you won’t actually solve all the worlds L&D problems, you will expand your thinking and that of your colleagues and you will be better prepared to approach and deal with those topics as they eventually manifest themselves in a new application, new training initiative or new trend in the industry. Thinking through impacts and potential obstacles related to Learning & Development big issues ahead of time will make you far more adept at dealing with those problems, ideas or trends when they arise.

If you are looking for a group of like-minded folks with whom to engage in those conversations, sign up for the Learning & Development Mentor Academy. It will simultaneously expand your mind and keep you grounded.

Craig Dadoly