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Custom Learning Technology

Custom Learning Technology

Our custom learning technology is always designed to support a bigger picture learning strategy or solution. Often it is integrated with other systems throughout the workflow process, helping clients build out a complete learning ecosystem that personalizes and accelerates the learning experience. Typically, our solutions are both consumers and producers of critical data used to adjust learning programs, helping ensure effectiveness.


Portal Layers/Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Communities: Technology layers that sit above and integrate with other systems/applications such as Learning Management Systems, Slack, Dropbox, Sharepoint, WordPress. These hubs give learners one easy to navigate, visually pleasing central location that uses powerful, integrated smart search to find and pull content from the various systems and display results quickly and logically. Learners get a personalized view of content based on role and team permissions. The system captures learner usage data allowing for program adjustments to ensure effectiveness.

Learning Data Dashboards: Our dashboards are designed to pull data from multiple systems/applications and display the information in real time via a visual dashboard. This gives leadership the ability to quickly see cross-application snapshots of what learners are accessing, consuming and sharing, content searched for and found and more importantly not found, and how content is being accessed and consumed cross application.

Performance Support Systems: Our focus is on preparing workers to handle the uncommon situations and exceptions that occur while working by giving them personalized access to information that’s critical to their success in-the-workflow based on role and team permissions. Key drivers for our performance support technology designs are to get the learning closer to the work, and leverage powerful, integrated smart search to ensure the experience of accessing support resources is intuitive, fast and easy.

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