The Future Is Already Here

23 Dec

The Future is Already Here, It’s Just Not Very Evenly Distributed

William Gibson

The above quote by William Gibson has big implications in the field of Learning & Development. The quote means you need to pay attention to what is happening all around you.

In our field, the field of Learning & Development we often become myopically focused on our job. We become insulated and isolated from the advances and changes going on around us because we are so focused on our own development of courses or learning experiences, our limited technology within our organization and the instructional design models and methods that got us to our current point in our career. These might be great within your organization but might be out of date in the broader field of Learning & Development.

If you want to continually learn and grow, if you want to be as valuable outside your organization as you are inside your organization, you need to continually update yourself on the happenings in the field. Here are three strategies you can employ to remain aware of the future.

One is to put together a conference attendance strategy. What I mean by that is take a look at some of the L&D conferences that are occurring and decide which conferences to attend and decide which people to send to the conferences. A conference can be expensive so you need to pick carefully and, once you’ve picked, then you need to decide which sessions to attend. Conferences are great at giving you an breadth of concepts and topics but it can be overwhelming and, it turns out, getting a one hour sound bite of content doesn’t mean you can immediately implement that concept back at work.

Second is that you can assemble a list of podcasts, video blogs and written content that you can listen, view and read with fellow, like-minded L&D folks. This can be a good process but finding the right information, content and sources can sometimes be difficult and take time.

A third alternative is to have you and your team join the Learning & Development Mentor Academy. The idea of the Academy is to provide curated content and courses designed to provide the latest, most up-to-date information on what is happening in the field and to take deep dives into specific concepts like game-based learning, microlearning, innovation and even performance consulting. This alternative combines the best of conferences with the flexibility of having on-demand video course materials and content delivered to your desk top or mobile device. Sign up today.

Craig Dadoly