Threat Awareness: Maintaining A Violence-Free Workplace

13 Aug

Maintaining a violence-free work environment is a top priority for all companies. The global security team of one of our clients wanted to empower their employees to recognize and report inappropriate conduct or other behaviors of concern observed in the workplace.

They asked Enspire Learning to create an innovative, engaging, effective learning experience to educate and motivate employees to recognize and report behaviors of concern observed in the workplace.

Here’s what we created . . . An interactive story-based learning experience using graphic-novel style illustrations, and game-like features in which learners/players enter a virtual work environment and accept the challenge of becoming a “preventer.”

It was designed to increase personal awareness of warning signs, such as behavioral red flags that can precede a violent event, and empower employees to take steps to identify and report behaviors of concern appropriately. The content was a perfect fit for storytelling in a graphic novel style.

To put the story into context, “players” make choices and experience the outcomes of their decisions while working through three unique game levels, discovering the signs to watch for and report, to help prevent workforce violence. Game elements include mission/challenge/quest, avatar selection, and user choices through actions or branching conversation trees that impact the story. Users can also examine and interact with objects to open/uncover “clues” (warning signs and red flags).

More details on this project can be found here . . .

Craig Dadoly

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