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Unforgettable Learning Experiences

A Familiar Client Story

The Client’s Dilemma

The client has important content that they need their audience to understand and apply to their work. They have already tried delivering the content in a variety of ways (e.g.-email, resources, classroom, meetings, e-learning, all of the above), but it isn’t working. After consuming the existing content, most of the audience still does not apply it to their work. Some still don’t realize that the important content is important at all, or that specific important processes even exist. Doing “it” wrong causes problems for the company. Sometimes big problems.

Why Existing Training Failed in Retention and Application

  • There was little context that connected the content to work and life
  • Learner attitudes and perspectives didn’t align with the organization’s
  • Learners had little time for “training”
  • Many looked at it as “typical compliance check it off training” 
  • The existing training dumped a tremendous amount of details and facts on the learners

Why Clients Turn To Us

We understand their dilemma. We have been there, seen it before, and have helped others overcome it. We approach the challenge differently. We create unforgettable learning experiences.

Our Approach To Creating Unforgettable Learning Experiences

The foundation of our award-winning custom learning content is always built on principles of good instructional design, solving real business challenges, but ultimately we are storytellers.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for learning because it engages the audience through confusion, emotional identification, and anticipation. We use informational and emotional tactics to capture learner attention and maintain interest, ensuring that the audience recognizes a shared experience with the characters and cares about the content. We want the audience to experience things that are unexpected, and feel something besides boredom, such as exhilaration, happiness, wonder, and even fear. Context is key. We want the audience to connect the content to their personal experience. We connect content to personal life, family and home, as well as to the workplace, to heighten the meaningfulness of the training. We focus on instructional and motivational strategies that lead to cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioral transformation.

Often the solution takes the form of a story-driven series of brief spaced micro-episodic learning experiences. This allows us to incorporate the learning science of retrieval practice, repeating questions at varying intervals to ensure the audience retains the information over time. Sometimes the solution includes interactive gaming elements to move learners progressively through stronger understanding and skill levels.

Create An Unforgettable Learning Experience With Enspire

  • When you have important content and need your audience to understand and apply it to their work
  • When you have already tried delivering the content in a variety of ways, but it isn’t working
  • When after consuming the existing content, most of the audience still does not apply it to their work


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